Crystal Hair Eraser

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Super sexy, super smooth, super soft shaves with your first shave.  

Finally shave any-part of your leg without itchy burns, nicks or skin irritation. When you shave with this Crystal Hair Eraser  you're skin not only looks amazing but feels amazing afterwords, keeping you're skin sexy and safe throughout your summer!

Smooth, soft skin

Hair removal is skincare. Our Crystal Hair Eraser keeps your skin dolphin smooth – without any stubble, strawberry legs or ingrown hairs ever again.

Swap out the time and money you’d spend on laser, in-salon waxing, or annoying razors for affordable, painless hair removal.

  • Easy to use - just rub and it's gone!

  • Long lasting - reusable up to 2 years

  • Slows hair regrowth - in just a few sessions

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Use: Cleaning

Type: Brush

Scope of application: armpits, arms, legs



Crystal Hair Eraser